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Orbitkey was designed by two friends in 2013 who had an idea - a simple idea to solve their own frustration with jingling key chains. A key holder that is beautiful in design where form and function coexist.

The Orbitkey Ring is an easy to use key ring. Designed to make attaching and detaching keys effortless. The high strength stainless steel enclosure combined with the fexibilty of a polymer core work beautifully togther to create the operfect balance of style, function and durability. Engineered to be quick to use, durable, and simple. Use by itself or pair with your Key Organiser

Designed in: Australia

Material: Stainless Steel and polymer

Colour: Silver and Charcoal

Size: Diameter 30mm Thickness 3.5mm Opening 3.6mm

Note: The Orbitkey is a separate purchase

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