Orbitkey was designed by two friends in 2013 who had an idea - a simple idea to solve their own frustration with jingling key chains. A key holder that is beautiful in design where form and function coexist.
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Orbitkey 2.0 Leather Black Edition
Orbitkey 2.0 Leather Cognac with Tan Stitching
Orbitkey 2.0 Leather Espresso with Brown Stitching
Orbitkey 2.0 Leather Navy with Tan Stitching
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Orbitkey 2.0 Leather Stone with Grey Stitching
Orbitkey 2.0 Leather Tan with White Stitching
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Orbitkey Accessory Bottle Opener
Orbitkey Accessory Extension Post
Orbitkey Accessory Multi-tool
Orbitkey Accessory Multi-Tool v.2 Black
Orbitkey Accessory Nail File
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Orbitkey Black Edition Bundle Obsidian Leather
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Orbitkey Black Edition Bundle Saffiano Leather
Orbitkey Clip V2 Black
Orbitkey Crazy Horse Leather Aubergine Purple
Orbitkey Crazy Horse Leather Chestnut Brown
Orbitkey Crazy Horse Leather Forest Green
Orbitkey Crazy Horse Leather Maple Red
Orbitkey Crazy Horse Leather Marine Blue
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Orbitkey Crazy Horse Leather Obsidian Black
Orbitkey Organiser Set Black Leather
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Orbitkey Organiser Set Chestnut Leather
Orbitkey Ring Black
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Orbitkey Ring Charcoal
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Orbitkey Ring Yellow Gold
Orbitkey Saffiano Leather Lilac
Orbitkey Saffiano Leather Liquorice Black
Orbitkey Saffiano Leather Oxford Navy Blue
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