Moomin by Arabia

Moomin mugs are a series of collectible mugs with Moomin characters, manufactured by the Finnish ceramics brand Arabia. The mugs are designed by Tove Slotte, with the images based on original drawings by cartoonists Tove Jansson who was a Finnish-Swedish writer and artist who achieved worldwide fame as the creator of the stories about the Moomins. The Moomin family and their friends live an adventurous life in the idyllic and peaceful Moominvalley in harmony with nature. They are a family of white and roundish trolls with large snouts. Children and adults alike fall in love with the sympathetic characters of Moomin Valley.
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Moomin Mug Little My Red
Moomin Mug Love
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Moomin Mug Misabel Yellow
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Moomin Mug Moominhouse
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Moomin Mug Moominmamma
Moomin Mug Mrs Fillyjonk
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Moomin Mug Mymble
Moomin Mug Pappa
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Moomin Mug Sniff
Moomin Mug Snorkmaiden Lila
Moomin Mug Snufkin Green
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