Maison Balzac Grande Volute Candle Holder Pink


Maison Balzac is a collection of perfumed candles and delicate objects created in Sydney, Australia.

Each product is developed as an ode to memories from founder Elise Pioch's childhood in the South of France. “They are like Proust’s madeleine for me! I named the brand after my grand parents, Jeanine and André Balzac, who taught me their sensibility and style.”

From her experience working in fashion in Paris and Sydney, Elise sought to create a range that was both nostalgic and sentimental. Working with makers and perfumers in Australia, France, Japan and China she has created a range of signature objects that evoke olfactive memories or experiences.

Since 2012, Maison Balzac has greatly expanded to become a house of playful hand made objects for everyday life.

GRANDE VOLUTE CANDLE HOLDER A triple candle holder made of pink bubbles to illuminate your evenings three times more brightly. Now what colour chandelles [candles] are you going to choose?

This enchanting candelabra creates a spiralling bridge between reality and the land of dreams. Mix and match colour combinations to add a touch of reverie to your tablescape.

All Maison Balzac borosilicate glass is meticulously hand blown and shaped by our skilled makers.

Can accommodate any tapered candle with a 2cm base. Candles sold separately.

Designed in: Sydney, Australia

Hand Made in: Mongolia

Material: 100% Borosilicate Glass

Colour: Pink

Dimensions: Height 21cm Width 13.7cm

Care: Each piece is heat resistant and dishwasher safe although we recommend hand washing as these are precious pieces! 

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