What started as a glass factory in Iittala, Finland, today celebrates generations of essential objects that are made to enrich people’s everyday lives. Iittala believes objects should be distinctive, combinable and multi-functional, with lasting design that inspires individual use and expression.

These small, colourful jewels of light are the creations of Iittala’s thorough knowledge of glass. The colours and thickness of the glass enriches the glow as it multiplies the flickers of the flame. The range of colours to choose from lets you create a personal combination for every occasion.

Kivi’s spectrum of colours and forms enriches the glow of the candle inside, letting the flickering flame fill your home with bright, timeless beauty.

Created by Finnish designer Heikki Orvola, each Kivi Candleholder is a tactile and visual pleasure. Choose your favourite colour, or combine them to suit different moods – Kivi transforms an everyday room into something special.

Design by: Heikki Orvola

Colour: Dark Blue/Grey

Size: Height 6cm. Fits standard tealight candle [not included]

Material: Pressed glass

Made in: Finland

Care: Hand wash only

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