Society Paris Barware Cocktail Shaker Set French

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Society Paris elevates the art of living by infusing everyday objects with a unique sense of traditional luxury and sophistication. Based in Paris, their refined updates on traditional gadgets and tools provide expert functionality to all users, from urban city-dwellers to outdoor adventurers to home-improvement enthusiasts.

Their products include a range of multitools, barware, grooming kits and bike gear; all presented in their distinctly dignified packaging, ready to serve as an unforgettable gift.



French cocktail shaker set with double jigger and strainer. The stainless steel 600ml shaker is perfect to pour your next master cocktail. Includes a double jigger and strainer so you can impress your friends with your mixology skills in the comfort of your own home.
Society Paris elevates functional tools with sophisticated design

1. French Cocktail Shaker - 600 ml capacity
2. Double Jigger
3. Strainer

Colour: Steel

Material: Grade 304 Stainless Steel

Care: Dishwasher safe 

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