Sands Made Chef Block No1 Endgrain


Sands Made is a product design workshop based in Victoria, Australia, founded in 2011 by Robbie Sands. Their products are designed in Melbourne, Australia and carefully handmade by a team of skilled local and international craftspeople. They produce the highest quality, environmentally friendly and easy-to-use products for the home and kitchen.

If you're looking for the ultimate chopping board, any butcher or professional chef will tell you, an endgrain cutting board is the best you can get.  Endgrain boards are gentler on your knife edges and will self heal cut marks over time. When cutting on an endgrain cutting board, the knife edge cuts between the wood fibers rather than severing them saving your knife edge.

The Chef Block No.1 is the perfect size for preparing and serving a smaller meal and light enough to easily wash up in your sink. This board has a gentle curve in the top surface to stop juices from food from spilling onto your table or countertop. Use it on its own or with The Chef Block No 3. as it is designed to slide under to transfer food onto the smaller board for ease of cooking.

As with all their products the Endgrain Chef Blocks are made with the highest quality, sustainably harvested (FSC approved), US grown hardwoods.

Designed in:  Australia

Size: Diameter 25cm Thickness 3cm

Material: Teak

Finish: Organic Coconut Oil

Care: Not dishwasher safe. Please refer to detailed care instructions on product.

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