Sands Made Cheese Paddle No 3

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Sands Made is a product design workshop based in Victoria, Australia, founded in 2011 by Robbie Sands. Their products are designed in Melbourne, Australia and carefully handmade by a team of skilled local and international craftspeople. They produce the highest quality, environmentally friendly and easy-to-use products for the home and kitchen.

The Cheese Paddle No 3 has been crafted from the finest sustainably harvested timbers, and has been designed to remain a steadfast part of your kitchen for generations to come. It has been designed for use as both a serving platter and cutting board. The natural wear and tear on the board will make it your own.This Cheese paddle features

  • Marine grade stainless steel hole for easy storage on hook
  • Knife-friendly surface. No accelerated knife dulling
  • Tough, long lasting surface, not easily scratched or damaged. Easily chop, cut, slice, cube, dice, hash and more
  • Sustainably sourced timbers
  • Naturally anti-bacterial surface

Designed in:  Australia

Size: Length 55cm Width 16.5cm Thickness 1.7cm

Material: White Oak

Finish: Organic Coconut Oil

Care: Not dishwasher safe. Please refer to detailed care instructions on product.


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