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PHILIPPI – The Philosophy

Passion, style, personality, precision, functionality, purism, zeitgeist, beauty, uniqueness, craftsmanship, flaming hot – PHILIPPI.

Jan Philippi sees the beauty in things and transforms them into artistic pieces. No-nonsense items bearing a unique mark and style. He rises to life’s challenges and offers durable products for an ever-changing world. Products that capture your heart, for yourself or as gifts for others.

A Bowl with perspective!

Even though MESH’s design is a true heavyweight champion, it weighs practically nothing. This bowl of bent and lacquered wire is airy and light. It’s perfect for fruit, nuts or as a catch-all bowl. This piece won the Design Award FORM# in 2013.

Design: by Philippi

Material: Powder coated steel wire

Colour: Charcoal

Size: Diameter 24cm Height 12cm

Care: Wipe with damp cloth, do not immerse in water



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