Orbitkey Saffiano Leather Liquorice Black


Orbitkey was designed by two friends in 2013 who had an idea - a simple idea to solve their own frustration with jingling key chains. A key holder that is beautiful in design where form and function coexist.

Features of the Orbitkey:

Elegant: Beautiful key accessory you will be proud to carry.

Organised: Organise your keys into a neat stack - reducing clutter.

Eliminate noise: No more key jingles - perfect for exercise lovers and those who can't stand jingling keys.

Less scratches: The soft band material envelops the teeth of your keys - preventing it from scratching your other treasured belongings.

Secure: Award winning mechanism that will not come undone accidentally and also accommodate 2-7 keys.

Carry car keys: Carry your car keys and other items with the included D-ring attachment.

The Saffiano Leather has A cross-grain texture coated in a clear protective wax finish giving leather its stain, scratch and water-resistant quality.

Designed in: Australia

Material: Leather and metal

Colour: Black with black stitching - Yellow gold metal

Size: Length 8.8cm Width 2cm

Care: Follow manufacturer's instructions included with your Orbitkey 

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