Menu Carafe Bottle Smoke and Brass

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The Menu philosophy is simple. They want to make the world better, less complicated, a little bit nicer to wake up to. Collaborating with super-talented designers, they make objects to be treasured now… and forever.

Menu works with some of the most exciting and driven creative individuals from the worlds of architecture and design to produce high quality design with a crisp Scandinavian look. Their aim is to make beautiful objects for everyday use, whether that’s an indispensable item of kitchen equipment, a clever floating shelf or a beautiful vase that adds the finishing touch to your living space.

A simple and elegant carafe made from handblown glass. The Water Bottle is of size shich will easily fit into a fridge door and so you will always have nicely cooled water ready for serving.

Design: In Denmark by Norm Architects

Colour: Glass is smoked grey, metal is gold

Material: Handmade glass and brass

Size: Capacity 1Litre Height 29cm Diameter 8cm

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