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Melbourne based sisters Bliss and Bonnie Adams founded Marble Basics in 2014. It is an homage to their signature pared-back, timeless design aesthetic. Their dedication to Marble, a durable and enduring material is channelled in contemporary, basic and everlasting products, all thoughtfully designed by the sisters.

All pieces handcrafted by artisans are conserved and created in luxurious materials, to be used and appreciated in everyday life. In an increasingly complicated world, Marble Basics takes you right back to the Basics.

The Marble Basics Butter Up Dish is exactly how it sounds; a vessel for cramming as much butter into you as possible, or alternatively use it in moderation. Keep butter on the bench or in the fridge, either way, do it stylishly. There is enough room on either side to rest your butter knife and the glass cloche is slightly retro in its design and we love that! 

Designed: In Melbourne, Australia

Dimensions: Length 19cm Width 13cm 

Colour: Blanc Marble

Material: Blanc marble & glass

Natural Beauty: These are handmade products and Marble is a natural material, so every product differs slightly in size and colour to those visible in the store. All of our Marble Basics' pieces are original with different veining and patterning which makes each piece uniquely beautiful. Stone is a natural product and may contain fissures, cracks, holes and pits. No two pieces of natural stone are alike. This sample is an accurate representation of the material specified, but we cannot guarantee that the product purchased will be an exact match. These are not faults and we cannot accept returns or refunds if you are unhappy with the colouring of your piece. 

Care: Use mild dishwashing detergent and warm water no bleach or abrasives

Note: Please be aware that there may be bubbles present in the glass or small imperfections, as the glass is handblown. 

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