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In 2008 the JOCO brand was born out of personal protest to a mounting threat of plastic and single use waste. An issue created by the obsession with cheap convenience that has led to a plastic world with a disposable culture.

Joco creates experience enhancing and eco-innovative reusable drinking vessels - the smatest choice for people and the planet. Crafted from leading knowledge and materials, designed for a lifetime of use.

The 12oz reusable JOCO Cup is hand-crafted from borosilicate glass and medical grade silicone. Developed in collaboration with the world’s leading baristas – it’s sustainable and sleek. Certified non-toxic, antibacterial, 100% plastic-free, microwave & dishwasher safe.

Design by: Joco

Colour: Clear and pale grey

Material: Borosilicate glass and medical grade silicone

Capacity: 12oz

Care: Microwave and dishwasher safe

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