Huygens Tone 35 Wall Clock Black

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Huygens clock is a completely silent one. With most clocks you will hear the day ticking away, Huygens clocks have an innovative movement that ensures complete silence in any room. Using incredibly good materials combined with the best movements you get a clock that – dare we say – honours the work of their great-great-ancestor Christiaan Huygens, who in 1656 invented the pendulum which is the time keeping element for clocks.

Tone Clock The contrast in this design is not formed by the colours itself, but by its finish. A glossy transparent spot varnish is printed on the matte dial to create a play on light effect - depending on the angle, the index print is clearly visible, slightly visible or not even visible at all. Let light set the tone.


- Silent, Quartz movement

- Designed to be recycled at the end of its long life

- uses 1x AA battery

- 5 year warranty


Colour: Black

Size: 35cm diameter x 6.2cm deep

Material: Coated stainless steel frame, ABS back, glass surface cover

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